About Us

NHouseGroup is a professional commercial real estate project management firm. We specialize in agency project management, also known as owner’s representative services, wherein the vendors needed to execute your project are contracted directly by the client. Our role is to expertly manage the details of your commercial real estate project so that you can focus on your core competency and continuing your successful operations. Our mission is to serve our clients so well that they refer to us as their “In House Group”.  


NHouseGroup is a trusted resource that our clients can call at any point for professional and experienced support in any commercial real estate improvement endeavor.  We have a unique, refreshing, and simplistic approach to project management that allows our clients to be in control of their project while not being overburdened by the process.  We custom tailor our service for every project to the needs and level of expertise of the client so that they are involved in the details about the project at the level they desire.  


NHouseGroup creates value for our clients every day.  We would be delighted to meet with you and evaluate your current project or process and show you how we can add value to your project, process or program.