NHouseGroup offers a range of commercial real estate project management and consulting services for a variety of property types.  The firm was founded to serve the needs of real estate stakeholders in various capacities, some of which are defined in more succinct detail below.

Tenant Improvement Project Management

NHouseGroup routinely helps tenants of commercial real estate manage their improvement projects.  We are typically engaged at the very onset of strategic planning and can help define the current occupancy as well as help define strategies for future expansion/contraction via programming.  We will assist in defining comparisons between the short-listed properties and develop timelines, encompassing budgets, and metrics for better decision making from the very start.  We will help assemble and manage the team of professionals, consultants, and vendors that will deliver the project while continuously seeking avenues to maximize the value to the client/tenant.

Real Estate Development & Build To Suit Project Management

NHouseGroup is fully capable and experienced in managing varying types of commercial real estate development.  We excel at helping clients define their needs versus wants, costing/analyzing those inputs, and steering the project and our clients in a positive direction enabling the project to become a reality. We are fully capable of managing every detail from due diligence through project close-out, ever mindful of on-time and on-budget project delivery of our client’s vision.

Property Claims Management & Consulting

NHouseGroup is uniquely skilled and experienced at managing insured losses involving commercial property damage.  Our primary goal is to responsibly restore business operations to mitigate business interruption and return the property to the pre-loss condition.  Few organizations realize the burden of managing the claim process and the level of expertise required to manage the thousands of documents which comprise a claim.  Mismanagement can lead to claims that are ineffectually prepared, which can result in unreimbursed expenses to the client..